Surprising Turn-Ons

If you've read my last blog post, you know I don't orgasm easily. But that doesn't mean I don't cum at all with clients. So I've decided to write about the two times I came during sessions and was super surprised about it.

The first surprising turn-on I've mentioned briefly on Twitter. How I came while sucking dick! Yes, it is possible. I believe there was some foreplay, some making out before I headed down on this wonderful gentleman. I started slow and gentle and got into a rhythm. My bare pussy was resting on his leg. As I was bobbing my head up and down I was moving my body back and forth. Rubbing myself on his leg. Now this normally wouldn't have resulted in orgasm. It was what he was telling me that took me all the way: He started praising me, saying what a good job I was doing. What a good girl I am. The combination of his praise, the rubbing, and the sensual experience of pleasuring a man with my mouth made me cum in less than 3 minutes. Very surprising since 1. I don't cum easily, if at all, and 2. that's a submissive thing to get turned on about. I don't consider myself a sub, but damn did it make me cum quick!

The second time also involved some praise but instead of being just a "good girl," I was compared to the guy's girlfriend. How I could teach her to ride a dick, show her how a real woman does it. Now usually I don't especially appreciate being compared to other women but sometimes you can't control what your dirty mind likes. As I was riding him, my rhythm sped up every time he praised my skills. What really got me was when he said he wants his girlfriend to watch me show her how it's done. As he was describing it in detail, I came.

I never thought I was into cuckolding but guess I am. Which reminds me of an inquiry I had recently. This guy contacted me at 4 in the morning to come over and fuck him while his girlfriend was sleeping in the other room. Which is really fucked up. But damn did it make my pussy wet! I didn't end up seeing him, but I still think about how fun it would've been.

That's what I love about my job. I would have never found out these things by myself or with a monogamous partner. Now if you are a client or potential client, please know these tactics may not work. Your miles may vary, so to speak.

I'll keep you up to date with new turn-ons that I discover. Thanks for reading!